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Swimming with Dolphins

Quick Overview

You will have a unique opportunity to meet at close quarters and interact within a small group,with
bottlenose dolphins under the supervison of specialized professionals, while participating in
sequences of aquatic behaviours. This will be an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge
about these extraordinary ambassadors of the oceans.
In accordance with (CITES), the international regulating body governing the human handling of
endangered species of wildlife, flora and fauna, we wish you to know exactly the content of this
activity you are going to participate in, which is purely informative and which is in your interest, the
marine mammal’s, our personnel and animal carers, attending the session.
Content and itinerary of the Swimming with the Dolphins Programme – What is included.
This will firstly take form of an introduction including an explanation of the Dolphin’s anatomy,
physiology and natural history, explained by the Animal Carer. You will learn how dolphins respond
to hand signals and positive reinforcement and discover their fantastic ability to communicate over
and under water. Delight in an unforgettable hands-on interaction as you are invited to glide your
hand over the dolphin’s soft skin. The first part of the programme takes place in shallow water; the
second part is in deeper water. The appointed animal carer will observe guests at all times while in
the water. We shall supply you with Lifejackets (in summer) and Wet suits (in winter) this is
mandatory and these must be worn all the time during the Swim session.
It is imperative to take note that Dolphins are sea mammals and their behaviour cannot be a
forced encounter but a collaborative one between it and its Animal Carer. This park, in accordance
with international CITES regulations does not allow or permit fin pulling, tow rides or dragging.
You will have time to be in the water with the dolphin(s) and you will be able to use a swimming
mask (provided) to watch their movement underneath the water surface whilst you are in the water.

No person under the age of (8)eight years of age and No Pregnant women are allowed to Swim with the Dolphins

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Winter schedule Swim is Only in the Morning. IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR THE SWIM WITH THE DOLPHINS AND INTERACTIVE PROGRAMMES Dear SWIM or INTERACTIVE programme customer, may we bring to your kind attention that ,for the safety and welfare of the animals, it is not allowed to be wearing any type of jewellery or similarly loose item on your person when participating to the SWIM or INTERACTIVE programmes , such as any type of Piercing(s) ; Ring(s); Necklaces ,Chokers; Watches; any type of bracelet ; any type of earrings; glasses; spectacles, still and video cameras, and any type of hairbands . ALL THESE LOOSE ITEMS CAN BE VERY DANGEROUS TO THE MAMMALS ESPECIALLY TO THE DOLPHINS. THEREFORE UPON ARRIVING AT THE PARK, IF YOU ARE PARTICPATING IN THE SWIM WITH THE DOLPHINS or INTERACTIVE PROGRAMME , YOU will be invited to REMOVE ALL LOOSE ITEMS AS DESCRIBED ABOVE , otherwise and regrettably YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE SWIM WITH THE DOLPHINS or INTERACTIVE PROGRAMME. No person under the age of (8)eight years and No Pregnant women are allowed to Swim with the Dolphins The company will not be able to refund anyone booked and confirmed for the SWIM or INTERACTIVE programme, because he or she refuses to respect this important requirement. This notice is also on our website and at all travel - selling agents. We are sure that because you love Dolphins and all our animals, and having such a great and once in a life time opportunity you will follow these instructions throughout, for which we thank you. Mediterraneo Marine Park Management
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